If, like me, BeoTime is your favourite B&O product of all time, then you might like this!


Basically, BeoTime has a hidden menu which allows you to enable a number of useful extra functions, including:-

1) Masterlink Gateway compatibility
2) Switching on the light instead of/as well as the alarm clock
3) A “Sunrise” facility to gradually increase the light level in the room each morning to simulate surise at any time of the year.
Here is how to add the hidden menu items to your BeoTime:-

1) Hold down the central control button for at least ten seconds. The Source Off and Lights Off commands will be sent, ignore this and keep holding down the button.
2) Whilst still holding down the button, press the Alarm On/Off button at the end of the remote in and out at least four times. Now release the central button.
When you scroll through the menu, you will now have a new option “ALARM LIGHT”, which can be set to raise your lights to a pre-set level each morning. The “SUNRISE” option in the Alarm Light sub-menu can be used to enable this as a gradual brightening over a period of time, instead of simply switching on the lights at once.

As an added bonus, your BeoTime will now be enabled for use with Masterlink Gateway (if you have this). If you enable the Alarm Timeout or Sleep Timer Timeout options, then BeoTime will now switch off the lights automatically when it switches off the source that is playing.

Just in case you are thinking “I can’t control my bedroom lights from BeoTime, can I?” – the answer is “Yes, you can!” Lutron produce a range of B&O approved Rania dimmers that can replace a standard light switch to give you easy control from BeoTime or any B&O remote with a LIGHT button (you can obtain these from us at our Light Button website).