As the new B&O TVs (including Beovision 11, 14, Avant, V1 and Horizon) are becoming more popular, more of our customers are asking how they can use these with their existing music systems.  These TVs no longer have Masterlink sockets fitted, so the official B&O solution is to add an NL/ML Converter, a device costing around £600 GBP.

We have developed cable that allows an older Beosound to connect directly to either of these new TVs using the audio input socket on the TV – for a single room setup, this can often remove the need for the NL/ML Converter, instead using a cable costing from just £14.99 GBP.

Use an older music system with Beovision Avant, 11, 14 or Horizon via a simple cable

An easy way to play your music through your new B&O TV!

Any B&O audio system with Powerlink outputs can be connected (eg. Beosound 9000, Beomaster 7000, Beocenter 9500, etc) as the cable allows the audio system to share the TV speakers directly.  If required, one of the function buttons on the BeoRemote One can be assigned to select the audio input socket, to allow music playback via the TV speakers with just one button press.

On Beovision 14 and Horizon, the 3.5mm L/R In socket is used via this cable:-

We also have a similar cable for linking an audio system directly to Beovision 11, Avant and V1 TVs, via the 9 pin AV socket:-

This should hopefully help you to making your new TV easier to integrate with an existing B&O system.  If you would like any help with cabling or connections, please feel free to get in touch!